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Crypto Coffee House

Crypto is a slang word for ‘speed’. It also means Hidden/obscure. The coffee house in a way will try to unleash the demon inside coffee lovers.


Research shows that coffee is the most widely consumed Psychoactive substance. It produces Dopamine (a neurotransmitter) that creates feelings of euphoria similar to drugs. Coffee is addictive like drugs and produces the similar effect in our minds. Drug increases imagination and creativity, similarly coffee wakes us up and creates a platform for wild imagination. Excess coffee might even lead to hallucinations for some, thereby increasing the chances of creativity.

The motive behind the logo is to depict hallucination
(wild imagination) and act as an eye opener (wake people up) and metaphorically to make one realise their demons inside and never be afraid to let them out.

TAGLINE - Unleash the demon in you

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